Why a broker?

Relying on OceanWind the customer may enjoy many advantages:

More properties: unlike traditional estate agencies, we search for properties using an extensive network of partners (agencies, promoters, manufacturers, etc..), which give us much wider access to properties than any single agent.

One interlocutor: the customer only works with OceanWind getting the same information than contacting various professionals, with the big advantage of dealing with a single source. A single source removes much of the stress often associated with dealing with a multitude of different people and agencies.

Saves time: we coordinate and organize the visit to the properties chosen by the customers, allowing them to select, to view and to decide in a much shorter time frame than they would have needed contacting various agencies.

Personalized service and impartial advice: the constant monitoring of the market and the large database of properties which we have access to, combined with a search personalised to the specific needs of each customer, allows us to offer buyers an impartial advice, offering only the properties that best meet their quality/price needs.

Without added costs: our services do not involve any increase to the usual commission applied by the estate agents because it’s shared with the partner providing the property, and depending on the agreements with vendors, the commission is included in the sale price or specified separately.
Our relationship with the buyer is based on the principles of transparency and trust, it will be never required to pay an extra amount that is not mentioned in the property’s file or that is not agreed during the negotiation.

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